Publicized in Tanka Society of America: Mariko Kitakubo

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Mariko Kitakubo

Born in Tokyo.
Living in Mitaka-city, Tokyo
Japan Writers' Association,
Japan PEN Club,
Association of Contemporary Tanka Poets,
Japan Tanka Poets' Society,
Tanka Online Project,
Tanka Society of America.

Contemprary Tanka Poet Mariko Kitakubo. Tanka Society of America.

My Tanka publicized in Tanka Society of America.

of early summer--
my motherland
will be a coffin
of the wind

Tanka Cafe: Theme: Solitude and Loneliness

as farewell
the first snowfall--
may be
my dead parents watch me
from the top of the mountain

Selected Tanka

the wind
off the Colorado River
unties my hair--
I'd like to die
a tourist

Selected Tanka

between the dates
of Hiroshima & Nagasaki
my sweat seeps
into the small puncture hole
where they drew my blood

oh yes,
they are still crying--
Parl Harbour
inside of Linda
Okinawa inside of me

Tanka Cafe Theme:Thing That Revolve

maple seeds
are fluttering and
children are gone
to the civil war again

Selected Tanka

are following me
they bring darkness
from the cliff
at Okinawa

Tanka Cafe Theme:Vegetables

in a corner of the kitchen
I'd like to sprout--
in order to escape
from the potato masher

Selected Tanka

a melody
of the Galaxy--
I listen
for memories that left
with a shooting star

what might gad
be trying to tell us--
in the laboratory
internal organs infected

like a sky
studded all over
with opals,
he died
at the age of forty-two

Tanka Cafe: Theme: Winter Warmth

to warm
there is plum sake--
the first half of my life
I wander back here

Selected Tanka

though advised
to have surgery
I want
to stay a woman--
so faint
the song of the stream

Tanka Cafe:the theme of "visiting"

as her death anniversary nears,
I sit beside my memories--
through the evening
the lovely voice
of a tsukutsuku cicada

Selecded Tanka

finding solace
in the impossible
here I am
in a bubble bath
perfumed with green forest

a sobbing violin--
when night falls
oh, Mother,please
let me weep

Tanka Cafe Theme:Separation

I will go and put
all my cherished recollections
into the ocean
where masses of hondawara
seaweed is floating

Selecded Tanka

the aquarium
when closed to the public
falls silent
and the bream sleep
with their eyes wide open

Selected Tanka

a lyrebird is crying
the world of mankind
(Previously published in Japanese in Kadokawa Tanka Sept.2005)

tones of the wind chimes--
a blue butterfly
brushes my earlobe

Selected Tanka

my boy is growing
to look like my father
who abandoned me--
I try not to mind
God's carelessness

Tanca Cafe-theme: The Sixth Sense

a wagtail
is pecking pebbles
on the river bank--
with you,in you,I spend
your death anniversary

Tanka Cafe: Theme: Transience

I'll leave
my memories of love
to float
on the tides
of the sargasso sea

Tanka Cafe Theme: Epiphany

is he an evil spirit
or a god,
that handsome Masai boy--
his gleaming body
has the gloss of silk

Selected Tanka

we go back
back to the scarlet DNA
of original sin
all the way to the womb
of Cain's mother, Eve

Member's Choice

joined together by his umbilical cord
I hold my son-then
all the stars in heaven
fall down on me

Tanka Café: Theme "Roads"

in a pool of sun
rusted railroad tracks--
those teenage years
like a fever
galloped through me

Selected Tanka

as they go past
those car wheels sound like
they're dragging
my weekend feeling
away by its tail

Tanaka Café:theme "Giving"

joined together
by his umbilical cord
I hold my son--then
all the stars in heaven
fall down on me

Selected Tanka:

by untold millions
of silent stars,
night by night
my child is growing

Selected Tanaka

should there be
a man who sells time,
I will buy it---
if it is time
I can believe in

alongside my friend,
telling her
the whole story
I see night deepening
over the Harbour Bridge

The Tanka Cafe: Welcome and Farewell

hey new earrings,
you who don't know
that I've lost my love,
bring me breezes
from the ocean!

all you men
who have flown from me--
I feel you
less as sea winds,more as
glints of light on the waves

high up
in the bare tree
winter has come
bringing with it
letters for the deceased

one's life
can not more be entrusted
to another
than can the timing
of a perfect soft-boiled egg

Tanka Cafe Theme :Summer

I am stabbed
by your soft eyes
in this summer
of Lyre and ocean
singing in turn

Editor's Selected Tanka

I expect
nothing in return
for this love
of transparent indigo
deeper than the ocean

Tanka Cafe Theme: Newness

thinking of the day
I leaned about
the supernova---
from a chill distance,
notification of my disease

Selected Tanka

what you 're saying
in my favorite voice
is blown
from your lips
by the salty breeze

I wish
I could be reborn
a loquat tree ---
then I would not
love you so much

"RIBBONS" Tanka Society of America Journal Tanka Cafe Theme: Leafless Autumn

how dazzling ---
beyond the horizon
are those who
never return to me, you
and the breeze from our summer