Contemprary Tanka Poet Mariko Kitakubo.

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Mariko Kitakubo

Born in Tokyo.
Living in Mitaka-city, Tokyo
Japan Writers' Association,
Japan PEN Club,
Association of Contemporary Tanka Poets,
Japan Tanka Poets' Society,
Tan-Ku Co-Founder,
Tanka Society of America.

In commemoration of
15 years of tanka reading
The Latest Tanka Sequence
Original Tanka presented at
Spoken World Live

Contemprary Tanka Poet Mariko Kitakubo. Article details.

Mar. 12, I performed reading in online event "Spoken World Live"


I participated in Mr. James Evert Jones' Zoom Poetry event, "Spoken World Live," as a featured poet.

I presented a reading of the Japanese-English tanka sequence consisting of five pieces of my tanka poems, which convey the thoughts of a poet who survived the Covid pandemic and is facing the war-torn era.

I received more than 50 enthusiastic comments from different continents, and I cannot find any other word to express my gratitude.

I have delivered my reading via Zoom nearly 100 times in the past two years under the Covid pandemic. And in this "Spoken World Live" Zoom event, the organizer told me that "the Japanese performance touched my heart deeply, even though I could only understand the English part."

"To become a medium to transcend language" is my philosophy, and I always kept it in mind when I performed my readings during the face-to-face presentation. I received many wonderful comments from the audience, and I felt that my endeavor resulted in fruitful results.

I am very honored that I was able to deliver the emotion directly from soul to soul in the "Spoken World Live" event, too.

Thank you very much to Mr. James Evert Jones and all the participants.

I am sorry that I cannot introduce all participants in the picture. There were so many!


Let me introduce some of the comments made while my reading performance.

15:17:48 Kathabela Wilson Yay Mariko.... traveling the world to us!
15:18:18 maxianne berger always love to see and hear you☺️
15:20:20 maxianne berger oh .. not a gourd ..
15:21:41 Phynne~Belle Oh my goodness, I could imagine Mariko and Edith Blackbird performing together…⭐
15:22:57 Akiko Yoshimura Beautiful Mriko’s world、clear sound and
15:23:29 Phynne~Belle The sensory experience here…
15:23:47 Kathabela Wilson borders are invisible to the universe....
15:24:01 Lynda V. E. Crawford ^^^
15:24:02 Kathabela Wilson deep and powerful.... angeltalk
15:25:24 Phynne~Belle …let me stay with you a little bit more…
15:26:40 Phynne~Belle “…silhouette of death…”
15:27:22 Kathabela Wilson powerful writing and feelings...
15:27:37 johnmacdonald This is so inspiring and moving
15:27:47 Kathabela Wilson love the couple of wings
15:29:06 Phynne~Belle …loving the waiting time...
15:29:56 Phynne~Belle …under the sky…like after my death
15:30:12 Kathabela Wilson under the sky like our memorie….
15:30:25 Carmen Durrani From Carmen Durrani
15:30:38 Carmen Durrani Very profund feelings expressed. ThaNKS
15:31:36 maxianne berger love hearing the small songs in Japanese .. and the emotion in the voice
15:31:54 Phynne~Belle …the night I escaped/from suicide…
15:33:12 Jeanne Nakano - El Camino College thank you everyone for you wonderful comments.
15:33:49 Kat703679habela Wilson love cherry blossoms... color me too..... and so powerfully placed in the sequence
15:34:23 Kris Kondo touched so deeply thank you Mariko
15:34:56 Lynne Bronstein This is a classic
15:35:11 Kathabela Wilson I am lifted into the spring sky!
15:35:43 Kathabela Wilson in the sky forever.... yes ,,,, your love for this is so clear... to be in flight
15:35:55 iPad carolyn fitz Such a visual story…from your expressive poetry ❣️ thanks for your invite today…
15:36:48 Phynne~Belle …where is God watching from…
15:37:18 David Lanoue 凄い! amazing! ありがとうございました!
15:37:26 Roxanne de Freitas I feel completely transported. Deep gratitude, Mariko.
15:37:30 maxianne berger tahnk you, Mariko [applause]
15:37:45 Lawrence Berger  Amazing M ariko!
15:37:47 Phynne~Belle What an amazing experience, Mariko!!!♥️♥️♥️
15:38:03 Kathabela Wilson yes, thank you for adding the tect!
15:38:05 Rose Hamilton Thank you for that prayer. So beautiful and important in these days
15:38:15 Mary Belknap I loved ‘you will and I will miss you”
15:38:36 Kathabela Wilson Mariko you speaking did carry themselves.... very clearly and strongly
15:39:14 Rose Hamilton Got a sense for the emotions and senses from the Japanese
15:39:16 Roxanne de Freitas completely transcendental
15:39:16 Lynda V. E. Crawford Mary, yes, that line “you will and I will miss you” is so compelling!
15:39:29 Marianne Szlyk Again, so much in so few words.
15:39:31 Kathabela Wilson wonderful James-- that you felt that-- the Japanese and the expressive poetry
15:39:32 Roxanne de Freitas definitely felt that soul to soul
15:39:42 Roxanne de Freitas Arigato Mariko
15:39:55 Kathabela Wilson wonderful Mariko
15:40:08 beautiful reading, Mariko!
15:40:56 Lynda V. E. Crawford Mariko, you transported us to a world somewhere out in the universe. So soothing and poignant ♥️
15:43:35 Robin Wind-Faillace Very enjoyable readings! Thank you everyone!
15:45:25 Phynne~Belle True, true, and true.

After the live streaming, I made a video to show you my reading of five original English tanka which I presented at Spoken World Live.
Click here to watch the video.


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